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Conveyor Idlers/Rollers


Intro Idlers/Rollers

 PEW has been manufacturing Idler Rollers as per International standards and of-course customized requirements too.

Typically Roller diameter ranges from 63.5mm to 219mm for 500mm to 2400mm width belt conveyors. The rollers are designed as per IS 8598/ISO 1537 specifications. Deep drawing special quality CRCA steel sheets are used for forming the bearing housings, which are light self-weight, in order to reduce the power consumption of conveyor. The housings are automatic press-fitted and welded with the barrel by manipulator process, to form mono-block, simultaneously from both ends on rotating heads to ensure absolute concentricity and less inner welds tress and deformation.


Guide Rollers

 These rollers can be vertically installed for directional control, as belt guides or as horizontal cantilever in particular conveyor systems.Technical characteristics and performance on demand are equal to the corresponding bearing rollers.

Impact Rollers

 Rollers for standard conveyor belt with anti-abrasive rubber flat rings. Bundled keyed on the rollers to avoid the damage of belt and rollers due to the drop impact caused by the material falling in the loading area. 

Rubber Disc Rollers

 The belt support in the return section is perfect in case of abrasive or sticky material carriage, in order to avoid either an early wear of the roller shell or the deposits, helping to keep the conveyor belt clean.

Rubber Lined Driven Rollers

 The chain driven roller conveyor systems are used for the controlled handling of a great variety of loads, with regular or irregular shapes, with heavy or light unit weights, rugged or fragile, either horizontally or with a light slope. 

Roller Frame

 Roller Frames are manufactured as per the ISO standard. Special jigs and fixers are used for the production of frames to ensure uniform dimensions and tolerances and to facilitate the fast/mass production.


PEW has facility to provide a wide range of roller accessories like; deep draw bearing housings, Perfect Sealing Sets, Cups, and Locks etc.